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WeBiomass is a leading manufacturer and distributor of alternative fueled boiler systems, engineered to utilize the best available technologies to provide the most cost effective options in the renewable energy field.

WeBiomass systems consistantly out perform solar thermal, photvoltaic, and wind systems offering a faster return on investment and heat cost savings from 40-70% compared to oil, propane, and electricity.

WeBiomass products are specifically designed for the commercial heating market, easily providing a low cost green alternative for buildings from 15,000-220,000 sq.ft. Markets served include Municipal, school, dairy, greenhouse, hotel/ motel, apartment, office, warehouse, and others easily providing space heating, domestic hot water, and process heat to 185*F.

George Robbins
President WeBiomass Inc.

August 12, 2013
WeBiomass ships 150kw commercial boiler to municipal garage project in Bar Harbor Maine USA.

June 4, 2013
WeBiomass completes final field commissioning of four commercial boilers in Caribou Maine USA.
Wood Pellet Boilers

Residential - Commercial - Industrial
May 6,2014
WeBiomass completes in house testing of alternative fuel pellet, waste stream wood, from Frog City Fuels, CT USA with impressive results.

July 15,2014
WeBiomass complete distribution deal with Smart Heating Technology for multi-fuel ultra low emission line.